Canstruction to be Unveiled at McAllen Mini Maker Faire

The Food Bank RGV will be partnering with the McAllen Mini Maker Faire and Ruben R. Escobar, Diseño, Inc. a member of the American Institute of Architects, to bring the first-ever Canstruction to the Rio Grande Valley. The surprise sculpture made entirely of canned food will be unveiled at the McAllen Mini Maker Faire, Saturday, June 22, 2013, at the new McAllen Creative Incubator located at the old McAllen Memorial Public Library.

Canstruction is a national organization that promotes charitable giving through creative building projects. A business, student or architectural group will purchase canned foods, create a design and then build a themed sculpture using cans. Once the sculpture has been constructed and documented, the work is submitted for prize consideration and the food is generously donated to the local food bank. Volunteers may be asked to help in construction. The sky is the limit with designs. This is the first time a Canstruction project has been done with the Food Bank RGV.

“We are very excited to have Canstruction here in the Valley,” Terri Drefke, Food Bank RGV CEO, said. “We think local groups and businesses will see this sculpture and want to take up the challenge to try and win the national competition for best sculpture. Thanks to Ruben Escobar and Eduardo Millet for making this happen!”

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